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  • Ives 700CS w/TWP
  • Stainless Steel Barrel Full Mortise 1/16" Inset w/AL Cover and Electric Thru Wire Panel Continuous Hinge
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Catalog Cuts / Specs

  • Patented cover protects hinge knuckle and creates a cleaner and neater appearance
  • XY adjustability feature allows for better door alignment during installation
  • Patented, medical grade, nylon winged bearings
  • For doors weighing up to 300 pounds without reinforcing. 600 pounds with reinforcing
  • 1/16" door inset
  • 48" Maximum door width
  • Non handed
  • Bevel or square edge door
  • Meets ANSI 156.26
  • UL10C certified
  • 12-24 X 3/4" Self drilling, self tapping screws
  • Material: 14 Gauge Type 304 stainless steel

The thru-wire panel solution works in the CS mortise hinge to maintain the clean aesthetic design of aluminum geared continuous hinges. Made with the same medical grade bearings of Ives other pin and barrel hinges, the CS Series brings thruwire panel innovation to your continuous hinge application while keeping its great looks.

The CS Series thru-wire panel is a heavy duty, easy-to-install, stainless steel panel. Tested to 2.5 million cycles, the CS Series panel can quickly slip in and out of the hinge for maintenance and replacement.

Unlike all of the other manufacturer solutions, the CS Series thru-wire panel maintains a one-piece appearance on the cover side of the hinge. It installs with the same 5/16" clearance as aluminum geared hinges and works in all of the decorative cover finishes.

Provides electric power transfer from the frame to the door in order to supply power to an electrified mortise or cylindrical locks, exit devices with electric latch retraction, and/or electric strikes (pairs of doors). Thru-wire panel is rated 50 volts milliseconds. Ives through-wire hinges are fully compatible with 4 wire and 8 wire installations. Available CON option comes with the Allegion Connect 8-pin Connector which makes it easy to connect to other electrical consumption devices.

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