Finish Chart

Base Material 
US Number 
10BL 10BL Satin bronze, lacquered
2C 2C Zinc plated
313Aluminum 710Dark Bronze Anodized
313ANAluminum 710Dark Bronze Anodized
315ANAluminum 711Black Anodized
441   Satin Stainless Anodized
600SteelUSP600Primed For Paint
605BrassUS3 605Bright Brass, Clear Coat
606BrassUS4 606Satin Brass, Clear Coat
609BrassUS5 609Satin Brass, Blackened, Satin Relieved
612BrassUS10 612Satin Bronze, Clear Coat
613BrassUS10B 613Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed
614BrassUS10A614Oxidized Satin Bronze
616BrassUS11616Satin Bronze-Blackened
619BrassUS15 619Satin Nickel, Clear Coat
620BrassUS15A 620Satin Nickel, Blackened, Satin Relieved
621   Black Nickle
625BrassUS26 625Bright Chrome
626BrassUS26D 626Satin Chrome
628AluminumUS28 628Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized
629StainlessUS32 629Bright Stainless Steel
630StainlessUS32D 630Satin Stainless Steel
632SteelUS3 632Bright Brass, Clear Coat
633SteelUS4 633Satin Brass, Clear Coat
639SteelUS10 639Satin Bronze, Clear Coat
640SteelUS10B640Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed
641SteelUS10A641Oxidized Satin Bronze, Relieved, Clear Coated
643SteelUS11643Satin Bronze, Blackened, Relieved, Clear Coated
646SteelUS15 646Satin Nickel, Clear Coated
651SteelUS26651Bright Chrome
652SteelUS26D652Satin Chrome
654   400 series less corrosion resistant than the standard
688   Satin Brass Anodized
689  689Aluminum Painted
690   Painted Dark Bronze
691   Painted Bronze
693   Painted Black
695  695Dark Bronze Painted
696   Painted Brass
709   Satin Bronze Anodized
710   Dark Bronze Anodized
716Brass  Aged Bronze
A-BLKAluminum  Black
A-WAluminum  White
A10AluminumUS10 668Satin Bronze, Clear Coat
A10BAluminumUS10B 703Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed
A14AluminumUS14 669Bright Nickel, Clear Coat
A15AluminumUS15 670Satin Nickel, Clear Coat
A19AluminumUS19  Flat Black Coated
A26AluminumUS26 672Bright Chrome
A26DAluminumUS26D 702Satin Chrome
A3AluminumUS3 666Bright Brass, Clear Coat
A4AluminumUS4667Plated Satin Brass, Clear Coated
A5Aluminum  Antique Brass
A716Aluminum  Aged Bronze
A92Aluminum 673Aluminum Clear Coat
AL AL Aluminum, clear coated
ALUM   Aluminum
ANCLR   Aluminum, Clear Anodized
ANDKB   Anodized Dark Bronze
B   Black
B-BLKBrass 693Black Painted
B10BrassUS10 612Satin Bronze, Clear Coat
B10BBrassUS10B 613Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed
B15BrassUS15 619Satin Nickel, Clear Coat
B15ABrassUS15A 620Satin Nickel, Blackened, Satin Relieved
B19Brass 622Flat Black
B26BrassUS26 625Bright Chrome
B26DBrassUS26D 626Satin Chrome
B3BrassUS3 605Bright Brass, Clear Coat
B4BrassUS4 606Satin Brass, Clear Coat
B5BrassUS5 609Satin Brass, Blackened, Satin Relieved
B505Brass  Bright Brass
B605BrassUS3 605Bright Brass, Clear Coat
B609BrassUS5 609Satin Brass, Blackened, Satin Relieved
B613BrassUS10B 613Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed
B619BrassUS15 619Satin Nickel, Clear Coat
B620BrassUS15A 620Satin Nickel, Blackened, Satin Relieved
B625BrassUS26 625Bright Chrome
B626BrassUS26D 626Satin Chrome
B643E/716Brass  Aged Bronze
B716Brass  Aged Bronze
BlackPlastic  Black
BLKAluminum 622Flat Black
BRASS   Brass Powder Coat
BRN   Brown
C   Clear
D   Dark Bronze
DB DB Dark Bronze, Annodized
DC13  710Dark Bronze Anodized
DKBRZ   Dark Bronze Powder Coat
Dull Black    
F-605ESteelUS3 632Bright Brass, Clear Coat
F-609ESteelUS5 638Satin Brass, Blackened, Satin Relieved
F-619SteelUS15 646Satin Nickel, Clear Coated
F-619ESteelUS15 646Satin Nickel, Clear Coated
F-620ESteel  Antiqe Nickel
F-625ESteel  Bright Chrome
F-716ESteel  Aged Bronze
F-BLKSteel 693Black Painted
F-WSteel  White
F10SteelUS10 639Satin Bronze, Clear Coat
F10BSteelUS10B 640Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed
F14SteelUS14 645Bright Nickel, Clear Coat
F15SteelUS15 646Satin Nickel, Clear Coated
F15ASteelUS15A 647Satin Nickel, Blackened, Satin Relieved
F26SteelUS26 651Bright Chrome
F26DSteelUS26D 652Satin Chrome
F2CSteelUS2C 604Zink Plated
F3SteelUS3 632Bright Brass, Clear Coat
F4SteelUS4 633Satin Brass, Clear Coat
F5SteelUS5 638Satin Brass, Blackened, Satin Relieved
F643E/716Steel  Aged Bronze
F716Steel  Aged Bronze
F8 F8 Antique brass
GRY   Grey
LTBRZ   Light Bronze
PPlastic  Plastic
P13   Dark Bronze Painted
P28   Aluminum Painted
PA-619Aluminum  Satin Nickel
PA-716Aluminum  Aged Bronze
PA28AluminumUS28 628Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized
PA3Aluminum  Bright Brass
PS PS Plain steel – unfinished
R-WRubber  White Rubber
S1  689Painted Aluminum
S2  696Painted Brass
S3  691Painted Bronze
S32StainlessUS32 629Bright Stainless Steel
S32DStainlessUS32D 630Satin Stainless Steel
S4  693Painted Black
S5  690Painted Dark Bronze
SP10Steel 691Dull Bronze Painted
SP28Aluminum 689Aluminum Painted
SP28Steel 689Aluminum Painted
SP313Steel 695Dark Bronze Painted
SP4Steel 706Dull Brass Painted
SPBLKAluminum 622Flat Black
SPBLKSteel 693Black Painted
STAT   Statuary
TAN   Tan
US10BrassUS10 612Satin Bronze, Clear Coat
US10Steel 639Satin Bronze, Clear Coat
US10A US10A Satin bronze light
US10ALAluminum  Satin Bronze, Clear Coat
US10BBrassUS10B 613Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed
US10BSteelUS10B640Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed
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