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Ives FB41 Automatic Flush Bolt

Image for illustration only and may not reflect actual product or finish

  • Stainless Material
  • Brass Material
FB41P US32D (Satin Stainless) $93.98 Add/View
FB41P US32 (Bright Stainless) $93.98 Add/View
FB41T US32D (Satin Stainless) $49.23 Add/View
FB41T US32 (Bright Stainless) $49.23 Add/View
FB41B US32D (Satin Stainless) $49.23 Add/View
FB41B US32 (Bright Stainless) $49.23 Add/View
** Ships within 2-3 business days Standard Products Ship Within 10-12 Business Days
FB41P US10 (Satin Bronze) $93.98 Add/View
FB41P US4 (Satin Brass) $93.98 Add/View
FB41P US10B (Dark Bronze) $93.98 Add/View
FB41P US3 (Bright Brass) $93.98 Add/View
FB41T US10 (Satin Bronze) $49.23 Add/View
FB41T US4 (Satin Brass) $49.23 Add/View
FB41T US10B (Dark Bronze) $49.23 Add/View
FB41T US3 (Bright Brass) $49.23 Add/View
FB41B US10 (Satin Bronze) $49.23 Add/View
FB41B US4 (Satin Brass) $49.23 Add/View
FB41B US10B (Dark Bronze) $49.23 Add/View
FB41B US3 (Bright Brass) $49.23 Add/View
Standard Products Ship Within 10-12 Business Days


For Wood Doors
Top and Bottom Bolt UL Listed 90 Minutes

See Product Catalog Cut for more information.

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